The Resistance Begins Now

Sometimes you hear the hypothetical question: What would you do if you were a German citizen when Hitler was coming to power? Well, guess what, here’s your chance to find out.

The truth is, we don’t know what Trump will do as president. But we do know that during his campaign, he spewed racist and misogynist hate to appeal to the base fears of the masses. The only clear ideology of his is authoritarianism. Trump’s presidency could range from bumbling fool who is no more harmful than Bush (who was harmful enough to warrant extreme response from any citizen who cares), all the way to Hitler. Hence the comparison. Let’s assume the latter and act accordingly. Let’s not sit idly by waiting to see how bad it might get.

Resistance Nevada County is a coordinating group. We value individual’s autonomy to act in the best way they know how, but we also know that we can work together. We reject the usual strategies of hedging, compromise, and settling. We will take matters into our own hands to resist the Trump presidency and defend our progressive values.

Our primary goal is to defend and create progressive change within our own community and state. However, we must also be willing to drop everything in our lives in an instant to defend minority groups anywhere in the country who are coming under attack. In the face of hate crimes, mass deportations, and violence, we must be there to defend our fellow citizens.

More to come.

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